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WELCOME, we are happy you are here. Wenatchee Rescue Mission operates the Chelan/Douglas County Coordinated Entry System. 

BIENVENIDO, estamos felices de que estés aquí. La Misión de Rescate de Wenatchee opera el Sistema de Entrada Coordinada del Condado de Chelan/Douglas.

Haga clic aquí para iniciar el proceso de solicitud.

Rental Assitance

We are accepting rental assistance applications only. Please click below to be placed on the RENTAL ASSISTANCE waiting list.

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Connecting Chelan and Douglas Counties to Housing Solutions

Phone -509-436-9086

Click below to begin the Coordinated Entry Application process.

Solo aceptamos solicitudes de asistencia para el alquiler. Haga clic a continuación para ser incluido en la lista de espera de ASISTENCIA PARA EL ALQUILER.

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​Helping our community move forward together. CES is based on four core principles: respect, accountability, consistency, and integration. These principles can be seen through the following actions that all staff involved in CES practice every single day.​Promote Person-Centered Processes We use client choice and strengths-based approaches to inform participants of services, housing, and referrals to respect the whole person without reducing them to their housing needs alone. In addition, we employ culturally competent and evidence-based practices, recognizing the unique needs of each population and subpopulation we serve. Strategically Prioritize Resources We use strategic prioritization to ensure that people are connected to housing and services appropriate to their needs and eligibility and to match those with the greatest needs to limited resources. Integrate Services Between Providers and Across Systems Service providers and systems partners across Chelan and Douglas Counties create continuity for CES participants by aligning programs within and allocating resources throughout CES. Increase Access and Reduce Barriers All people deserve safe and stable permanent housing. We work toward that outcome by interviewing people to help find interventions that are right for them. We keep our services "low-barrier," so all are invited to participate. We help create opportunities for people to succeed by focusing on their strengths and abilities and by using Housing First and other evidence-based practices that recognize the autonomy of the person being served.Ensure Consistency in CES Processes All people in Chelan and Douglas Counties have fair and equal access to CES. All CES locations and methods offer the same assessment approach and referrals using uniform and transparent decision-making processes, promoting consistency and efficiency across providers and regions.Collaborate and Coordinate Among All Stakeholders Service providers and other stakeholders across Chelan and Douglas Counites share a mutual responsibility for system improvement, sharing resources and knowledge, and working collectively to end homelessness across the county.Please click the "Start Now" button below to begin the application process.

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